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Web Design Firms and Brand Archetype Wheel

I am working on branding section of my portfolio. While browsing Ramotion work, I stumbled upon post about Datum branding.

There I saw great looking brand archetype wheel, which brings me to Visual Capitalist blog. Which again points me to Iconic Fox original.


Where that was not enough, I got additional info from VisionOne.

I am already familiar with brand archetype concept and I even read book on the topic. What catch my imagination is that cute wheel with brands.

I immediately started putting myself (I mean, hipinspire) into those categories. The Creator? I am not Apple. The Explorer, The Rebel? I would not say so. The Ruler? No, but… The Rulers of of web design industry are Ramotion, MetaLab and Fantasy. The Sage was Happy Cog under Zeldman.


Where to place hipinspire? The Caretaker, The Regular Guy, The Magician? Let’s start with what we already knew:

The Creator: Gleb Kuznetsov
"Inovates and imagines a brighter future, aiming to express and turn away from mediocrity.”

That was easy. First reference was Apple and then logical choice would be glebich. He creates things as Apple used to do a few years ago.

The Ruler: Ramotion, Metalab, Fantasy
“An international symbol of success.”

As discussed above. I placed Ramotion in wheel, because it’s more trending then other two.

The Explorer: Cuberto
“Adventurous, Self directed and Independent.”

Cuberto. They are exploring new possibilities of UX design. For fun and the profit.

The Sage: Zeldman + Happy Cog
“Wisdom, The Philosopher and Teacher.”

During 2000s, there were a few companies in blogosphere that belongs here. Happy Cog under Zeldman was the best known of them. Later they split the paths.

The Lover: ueno.
“Promoting themselves as glamorous with an emphasis on sensual pleasures. If lover brands were to come across as cheap their air of mystique would be ruined."

Sweet colors and easy choice.

The Jester: Fiverr
“Playful, Spontaneous and Fun. The Jester business is a clever one.”

I think Fiverr would soon change archetype. Under The Jester (started as “I would do something crazy for $5”) they build the empire.

The Rebel: HUGE
“Rule breakers and catalyst for change.”

This field almost stays empty. Who is rebel today in the web design world? Without examples in present, I was looking into past to Joshua Davis and k10k and then… Oh yeah, I totally forgot, it’ a Huge, Inc. Reading VisionOne explanation of The Rebel archetype is like looking at The Huge’s playbook. Even the words and sentences are the same.

The Regular Guy: netguru
“The Realist, The Everyman, The Friend.”

Check their Instagram to get an idea of why they belong to that archetype.


The Hero: hipinspire
“They are most fulfilled when they can rise to or overcome a challenge”

Still thinking where to place hipinspire, final 4 options stays open. In this particular order I eliminated: The Caretaker, The Magician and The Regular Guy. What it stays is The Hero. And it’s true.

“The Hero’s main motivation is to prove their worth. Whether on the battleground, ball field, or political stage, the Hero is determined to leave a mark on the world. A Hero brand archetype promote themselves as good quality and superior to their competitors. The worst thing that could happen to a Hero business would be for the rival competitor to be rated higher or be proven to be better quality. Hero brands are very successful at producing consistent results. Hero customers value the quality and trust in their products. They like to think that their consumer choices will put them ahead of everyone else.”

The Magician: uixNinja
“Magician brand archetypes will promote themselves as the gate to transformative experience. Magician customers are driven by imaginative advertising and as inspiring as possible.”

uixNinja is The Magician. He frequently uses violet and purple colors that are associated with magic.

The Caretaker: tubik
“Caregiver businesses offer protection, safety and support for their customers.”

Originally I wanted to put here company from Clutch’s list of best design companies. Or all of them. My thinking is, those are local companies that are nurturing local clients. While I was browsing Dribbble list of top companies I spotted Tubik logo and a few selected work examples, it was immediate click. Tubik fits into The Caretaker archetype.

The Innocent: Infinum
“The Innocent brand archetype has a desire to just be free and happy and keep life simple.”

I totally forget about this one. Afte some thinking, one more super easy choice. As charisma of their leader and pureness of their website demonstrate, Infinum is perfect for this spot.